Students from non-EU countries

General Information

The registration of non-EU citizens is done on the platform in the section non-EU citizens.

If you wish to study a program in Romanian language, but you do not have a language certificate, you must apply to the Romanian language Preparatory Year on For studies in English, French or Deutsch, simply follow the steps below.

Necessary steps
Choose the programme
Submit your file on the platform

POLITEHNICA Bucharest will submit the application file for admission to studies in Romania to the Directorate-General for International Relations and European Affairs (DGRIAE) of the Ministry of Education (the minimum period of processing the application is 30 days). If a positive decision is reached by the Ministry, a "Letter of Acceptance to studies" is issued and sent to POLITEHNICA Bucharest and at the diplomatic mission.

Obtain study VISA

Once you receive the letter of acceptance, apply for student visa in your country of origin at the diplomatic mission.

You need to provide:

  • Proof of financial means (at least 2,500 Euros in your bank account);
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Proof of health insurance.

Registration period

The registration process will take place online, on the platform between February 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024.

Admission process

The admission process of non-EU candidates takes the following steps:

  • POLITEHNICA Bucharest will submit the file to the Romanian Ministry of Education (the minimum period for processing the application is 60 days). If the application is successful, you will receive the official Letter of acceptance from POLITEHNICA Bucharest;
  • Next step is to confirm the place within 20 days by paying the tuition fees in advance for one year. Failure to pay the tuition fees will automatically result in the loss of place, which will be filled by the next candidate;
  • The Office for International Students will issue to the admitted candidates, who have confirmed the place, a document confirming the payment necessary for completing the file for obtaining the study visa.

For the Doctoral studies the first step is to obtain an approval from the prospective supervisor/coordinator of the thesis (POLITEHNICA Bucharest does not automatically provide a thesis supervisor). The next step is to pass the entrance exam for the Doctoral School. Admission to doctoral studies is organized in the sessions June-July 2024 (session I) and September (session II).


The enrollment will take place between September 15 – November 15, 2024.

The file is submitted in person at the POLITEHNICA Bucharest Office for International Students : for Bucharest Campus - Rectorate Building, room AN029, ground floor and for Pitești Campus – Rectorate Building, and must contain the original documents and certified copies or translations for all documents submitted online.

Important! All necessary information (including the documents required) can be found on the apply platform.


The POLITEHNICA Bucharest campus benefits from approximately 14,000 accommodation places, distributed across two campuses: Bucharest and Pitești.

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