Romanians from Everywhere

General Information

The registration of Romanians from everywhere is done on in the section Romanians from everywhere.

If you wish to study a program in Romanian language, but you do not have a language certificate, you must apply to the Romanian language Preparatory Year on After finishing the preparatory year you must continue your studies at one of the bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs at our university or at another university from Romania.

Admission procedure


Necessary steps

The admission process is done according to the Methodology of the Ministry of Education regarding higher education.

Registration period

The registration process will take place online between 1-19 July 2024, on the platform .

Based on the availability of places in each faculty, a second admission session will be held in September. The file submission will be made through the website .

Admission process

Admission is based on a file contest, and the Provisional Results will be announced on July 24th, 2024.

POLITEHNICA Bucharest will submit the file to the Romanian Ministry of Education (the minimum period for processing the application is 60 days). If the application is successful, you will receive the official Approval for studies by personal email.

Students have then the obligation to confirm the enrollment by submitting the original and certified documents in person at POLITEHNICA Bucharest, between July 24rd - 28th, 2024.

Please note that Romanians from everywhere are exempted from paying any fees.

Important! All necessary information (including the documents required) can be found on the apply platform.



Romanians from everywhere must follow the admission procedure for Master’s studies dedicated to Romanian citizens organized by the POLITEHNICA Bucharest faculties.

Additional information on admission to master's studies:



Romanians from everywhere must follow the admission procedure for doctoral studiesdedicated to Romanian citizens organized by the doctoral schools.

Additional information on admission to doctoral studies:

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