Traditions & History


Politehnica Bucharest traces its roots back to 1818, when Gheorghe Lazăr, the spiritual patron of the university, founded the first Higher Technical School teaching in the Romanian language at the "Sfântul Sava" Monastery in Bucharest. Gheorghe Lazăr is recognized as the pioneer of Romanian higher education.

Throughout its history, the university has played a key role in the development of the Romanian technical education system and cultural life. Prominent Romanian engineers have written important pages in Romanian and international history, by making essential contributions to science and innovation. These personalities include Petrache Poenaru, Spiru Haret, Anghel Saligny, and many others.

For this reason, in 2023 our community decided to become a nationwide institution, by merging with another important Romanian university – the University of Pitești. The two became what is now known as „National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest”.


For over two centuries, the mission of the Politehnica Bucharest Community has been to help talented professionals impact society for the better through education, technology, research and innovation. We believe that these values provide a genuine catalyst for positive social transformation – this is why we prepare our graduates to be part of a global society.

Making an impact

Today our academic community includes over 3,300 employees and 40,000 students across 21 faculties, situated on two campuses - in Bucharest and Pitești. Our research and education initiatives establish global benchmarks. We firmly believe that the pursuit of new knowledge and boundary-breaking research can pave the way for solutions with a tangible, global impact on the future. This is why, the multidisciplinary academic community you will meet here is dedicated to solving challenges that impact us all.

Through education and knowledge, we strive to bring positive change in the world. Join us!

Landmarks in POLITEHNICA's History

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