Students from EU Countries

General Information

Candidates who graduated high-school or a Bachelor/Master study programme in a European Union country, other than Romania, must have their study diplomas recognized and validated by the Romanian National Centre for the Recognition and Validation of Diplomas (CNRED), part of the Romanian Ministry of Education. According to the national Law 316/ 12.07.2006, citizens from member states of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation, have the right to apply to studies in Romania, in the same financial circumstances as Romanian citizens.

CNRED acknowledges, within a period of 30 working days, the study documents that certify the completion of baccalaureate-level studies. This period may be extended accordingly in the case of conducting additional verifications.

The procedure for the validation and equivalence of diplomas is done by the candidate, by submitting the necessary files directly to CNRED. After receiving the Certificate for the Recognition of studies, the candidates will be able to apply at POLITEHNICA Bucharest.

In case the student has a Romanian diploma for the last study cycle (high-school or Bachelor, depending on each case), there is no need for a formal recognition of studies from the Ministry of Education.

Necessary steps


Registration period: April – September

The application process for the POLITEHNICA Bucharest faculties is done on the online platform

Admission process

The distribution and the number of places for each faculty can be found on the official website of each faculty. You will also find information regarding the admission, if it is on the basis of written exams or file contest.

The admission process will take place in 3 different sessions:

  • Session I – Pre-admission (file contest for most faculties) April - June;
  • Session II - Admission (written exam for the faculties requesting entrance exams) July;
  • Session III – Admission(completing the file with documents) July - August.

To apply on the platform you need to fill in your personal details (full name, gender, nationality, ID, address, accommodation needs, preferred language for studies, diploma for high-school studies, diploma for Bachelor studies – if the case).

Admission documents

You need to upload the following documents:

  • Application form;
  • Birth certificate;
  • ID/passport;
  • High-school diploma;
  • Transcript of records from high-school;
  • Declaration regarding the authenticity of the documents;
  • Language diploma;
  • Diplomas from contests or Olympiads;
  • Bachelor diploma – if the case;
  • Transcript of records for Bachelor studies – if the case (the academic situation for the years of study completed, containing the subjects, grades, number of credits / ECTS and number of course hours for each subject, issued by the higher education institution where the applicant previously studied);
  • The certificate for equivalence / recognition from CNRED for the last study diploma;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Receipt for enrollment fee.

The language of the documents should be Romanian / English / French or certified translations in Romanian for any other languages.

After admission

After being admitted, you need to upload the receipt for the enrollment fee and study fee on the online platform.

When coming for enrollment, you will submit the original study documents at the faculty, along with the necessary certified translations (if the case).

According to the Accommodation Regulation of POLITEHNICA Bucharest, EU students can be provided accommodation within the Campus, paying the same amount as the Romanian students.

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