Local Community

Collaborative Outreach

At POLITEHNICA Bucharest we believe in the transformative power of cooperation - especially in research. Our current research infrastructure and projects are, in fact, cooperation platforms where multiple organisations, nations, people and ideas meet and generate solutions. Take as an example the main research centres of our university – Campus and Precis: the over 70 research and innovation labs and over 16.000m2 of advanced infrastructure dedicated to research, they are the place that gathers some of the most dedicated individuals across the country, the continent and beyond. We believe that genuine innovation comes at the intersection of multiple disciplines, cultures and even objectives. We also believe in the power of the international community, so we welcome and foster most cooperation initiatives.

Through this collaborative international community and philosophy, we empower extraordinary individuals to innovate and create a better future.

We share solutions and we grow together.

Local Partnerships

Our community was created, more than two centuries ago, as a place to attract extraordinary people and to accelerate the industrial revolution of the country and region. And although our ambitions have expanded globally, our purpose remains the same. This is why, through our projects and initiatives, we aim to solve the main challenges that society is facing, through technology, innovation, and research.

During the pandemic, our researchers created devices and substances to make the country safer. Currently, we are developing some of the most impressive medical engineering solutions, information technology systems, transportation management systems, educational platforms and much more.

We are the top academic partner for the most important companies in Romania, national or international.

Connect with Us

Whether you're a community member, student, or researcher, there are numerous ways to connect with our Local Community Research initiatives. Explore opportunities to get involved, share your insights, or propose collaborative projects that can positively impact our shared environment.

For any cooperation request, do not hesitate to contact us.