Exchange of Cultures: Japanese Visitors at POLITEHNICA Bucharest

Exciting Exchange of Cultures: Japanese Visitors at Our University!

From March 3 to 11, we have the pleasure of hosting students and professors from the University of Hyogo, Japan! Our Japanese language and culture classes welcomed these bright minds from Hyogo, engaging in enriching cultural and academic activities together. They also have the chance to delve into our cutting-edge research centers.

These initiatives represent a cornerstone of international education, fostering cross-cultural understanding, academic collaboration, and personal growth. Students and professors can immerse themselves in diverse academic environments, gaining invaluable insights, forging lifelong connections, and contributing to global knowledge exchange.

We're incredibly grateful to Prof. Loredana Scorus, Prof. Naoya Murakami from University of Hyogo, and Prof. Mihaela Sighinas from POLITEHNICA Bucharest for organizing this memorable visit and fostering collaborations that bridge our two cultures.

Let's continue nurturing these connections for a brighter, more interconnected future!

3 March 2024 - 11 March 2024