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UPB Central Library

UPB's Central Library provides access to scientific information to its users in all study cycles by making available over one million publications covering all fields of study in the university. Organized on the model of a multifunctional center, through the 11,000 usable square meters, the library offers generous spaces for reading and study (approximately 400 seats) existing in 8 reading rooms with free access to documentary materials and connection to the Internet.

The library offers to its users specialized books, journals, standards, patents, materials on various information media. There is an increasing emphasis on the use of electronic resources in the scientific literature. By accessing them from the existing computers within the university or remote outside the campus, students have at their disposal 9 databases that cover all fields of study.

Users have opportunity to participate at free online training for this resources.

The library building offers spaces for conferences, seminars and other scientific events, including an open space exhibition space, where participants can present their research results in the form of models, prototypes or can organize practical demonstrations. These activities are ensured by the operation of 3 conference rooms of 120 seats each, equipped with sound system, video monitors, video projector and projection screen. Workshops or smaller events can be held in 5 other rooms with 60 seats each equipped with video projector and projection screen. In addition to these conference rooms, on request, personalized spaces can be arranged by repositioning flexible walls available in the library.


  • Library building: 11,000 usable sqm (16,800 total sqm);
  • Over 1 million printed publications or other types of information media;
  • Access to 9 databases of scientific literature by accessing specific links from Central Library website: https://www.library.pub.ro/
  • Access to Central Library online catalogue (OPAC): http://aleph.library.upb.ro/;
  • Access to a virtual catalogue (RoLiNest): http://aleph.edu.ro;
  • Access to a grey scientific literature platform (RomDoc): http://romdoc.upb.ro;
  • Access to national repository of scientific papers (electronic archives, ebooks) by AnelisPlus 2020 project;
  • Reading rooms with free access to the shelf (approx. 300 seats);
  • 2 reading rooms for computerized documentation (approx. 100 seats);
  • 11 warehouses of publications;
  • 3 conference rooms 3 x 120 seats;
  • 5 workshop rooms 5 x 60 seats;
  • Customized meeting spaces;
  • Ppen exhibition space (body A).


Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 15:30

Library registration, borrowing of publications / deadline extension can be done either directly at the Library, or on the basis of an online application form request sent to the e-mail address: biblioteca@upb.ro . You will receive an email confirming your request.

Reading Room Programme
  • Access to the Reading Room is possible on the basis of an Library Entrance Permit, valid for the current academic year.
  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 – 20:00

Available titles

  • 1,340,762 library units (books, periodicals, special collections, standards, audio-visual materials);
  • 453 titles of Romanian and foreign scientific periodicals;
  • 289 subscriptions to Romanian and foreign scientific periodicals;
  • 14 titles of patrimony books.