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UPB & Groupe INSA Summer School 'The Way from Smart Buildings to Smart Cities'
23 August 2021

The second edition of UPB & INSA Summer School - The Way from Smart Buildings to Smart Cities - took place between 23-29 August 2021

A very special edition for UPB and INSA students with many educational and cultural activities: workshops focused on Sustainable Development Goals, visits to UPB laboratories and also cultural activities to familiarize themselves Participants with history and national identity, with Romanian traditions.

The event provided students with the opportunity to better understand the engineer's contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The students participated in workshops, visited UPB laboratories and interacted with specialists from the two educational institutions and from research institutes in Romania.

In addition to educational activities, the program also included cultural activities to familiarize participants with the history and national identity, with Romanian traditions and customs. In this sense, the students visited natural and historical objectives in the capital and in the mountain areas.

This project with the INSA Group and to offer students a valuable experience, which will contribute to their professional and personal development.

The INSA Group is the most important network of Public Engineering Schools in France, totaling 7 INSA in France, 1 international INSA and 6 partner Schools.