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Seize opportunities for digitalisation in education and training
25 November 2020

The leading universities of science and technology united within CESAER have published the position Seize opportunities for digitalisation in education and training, welcoming the European Commission's communication on Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 and the series of new measures aimed at making education and training systems fit for the digital age that it introduces.


With our position, we offer our recommendations on how to fully seize the opportunities and address the challenges of digitalisation in education and training along three lines:

  • Focus on quality and learning outcomes; 
  • Incentivise universities to integrate key technologies in education and training; 
  • Adopt a long-term and future-oriented approach to digital education and training.


Rik Van de Walle (President of CESAER and Rector of Ghent University) said: “Digitalisation has already significantly transformed the way we learn and teach. It is evident that these changes, which were further accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, are here to stay. By putting forward our recommendations, we invite the European Union institutions, national and regional governments as well as other stakeholders to further explore creative and innovative solutions for educating and engaging students and to make sure that all new initiatives are aimed at making education and training future-proof.”


“In order to deliver on the strategic priorities of the Digital Education Action Plan and achieve the intended impact, smooth coordination between different initiatives and policies (notably the European Education Area, the Skills Agenda and the Digital Europe programme), as well as accessibility to different funding instruments and programmes, will be essential. Moreover, the commitment of relevant stakeholders, sustainable funding at the European, regional and national levels, as well as a systematic and future-oriented approach, will be the key factors in its success”, said David Bohmert (Secretary General).


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