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EELISA Speak out Campaign
16 January 2024

In a momentous stride towards redefining its image and fostering a culture of inclusivity, the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) is proud to announce its main Speak-out campaign objective: Rethinking Branding for EELISA 2.0. This dynamic endeavor transcends the conventional boundaries of academia, marking a significant chapter in EELISA's journey toward becoming a beacon of diversity, empowerment, and innovation.

Stakeholders, encompassing students, staff, faculty, and external collaborators, are invited to contribute with their insights to evaluate and evolve the branding strategy. This sets the stage for the evolution of EELISA into version 2.0, ensuring transparency and openness throughout the rebranding process.

Your voice matters! Answer our survey following this link: EELISA Speak-out campaign