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Outgoing mobility

General information

For the external travel of the academic and administrative staff and the UPB students, the next steps are required:

"Dispoziția Rectorului"

For issuing "Dispoziția Rectorului", the teachers and the students must:

  • Have the Invitation and "Nota de fundamentare";
  • Fill in the "Cerere” online on the website and get approvals;
  • Fill in the "Declaratie privind prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal”;
  • Bring the above mentioned documents to DRI (Room 310, 3rd floor, Rectorate Building);
  • DRI issues "Dispoziția de deplasare" with the approvals of the legal representatives;
  • DRI informs (by e-mail si phone) the beneficiaries about collecting the final documents.
Purchasing flight tickets

For purchasing the flight tickets, the beneficiaries must go to "Direcția Achiziții" with the following documents:

  • Signed and approved "Dispoziția rectorului" and "nota de fundamentare";
  • Flight details;
  • "Nota justificativă" (if necessary).
Collecting the down payment for expenses

For collecting the down payment for expenses (avans de cheltuieli), the beneficiaries will contact the faculties’ adminitrators and the UPB Finacial Department.

Completing the statement of expenses

For completing the statement of expenses, the beneficiaries will contact UPB Financial Department (Room 011, groud floor, Rectorate Building), within maximum 3 days after the trip, with the following documents:

  • Signed "Dispozitia rectorului” and "Nota de fundamentare”;
  • "Raportul deplasarii";
  • Other documents (invoices, receipts, boarding pass etc.).

For more information please check HG nr. 518/1995 with subsequent additions and modifications - http://legislatie.just.ro/Public/DetaliiDocument/7037

Elena Cristina Făină
Elena Cristina Făină
Responsabile for international mobilities