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German Language Study Program

General information


University POLITHENICA of Bucharest invites you to learn German language during the Preparatory Year of German Language!

The Preparatory Year of German language is OPEN and FREE to all EU citizens – at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS). To join the program, you need to pass the admission exam and commit yourself to continue your Bachelor or Master studies in German language at UPB.

The curriculum for the preparatory year implies studying some mandatory subjects over two semesters.

During a study year (2 semesters), you acquire the necessary skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in German for academic purposes.

The program has 20 hours per week, and includes basic lessons (general conversational language), but also specialized language, with the aim of bringing the participating students from level zero to level B2, with emphasis on the specialized lexicon used later during the studies. The courses combines theory with practice, the exercises are individual or group, and the didactic games develop the skills of independent language use and increase the inner motivation of the students. The schedule runs from Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays there are meetings with graduates, currently representatives of the business environment.

At the end of the preparatory year, after passing the exams in all studied disciplines, students will receive a B2 graduation certificate, necessary to apply for undergraduate/Bachelor and postgraduate/Master studies in German at UPB - the certificate is valid only for this purpose.

The studies of the preparatory year are fully funded (100%) by UPB, for all students who, through the admission contest, have won a place in the German language study program of their choice and then continue their studies in German at UPB, this being a condition of funding. After one-year courses, in May, the participating students give a pass / rejected test, and all admitted students receive the place for which they applied to UPB, to the study program they chose at Bachelor or Master levels. In justified cases, a second test is allowed in September.

Registration period

The registration process will take place online, according to the UPB admission Methodology for the academic year 2023-2024.

How to apply

The submission of the candidates' files will be made through the platform https://admitere.pub.ro/. The candidates apply online on the platform and follow the current admission procedure for all study programs. The candidates must apply for the study program they wish to follow for Bachelor or Master.

At the time of registration, on the application form, the candidates will specify that they wish to follow The Preparatory Year of German language before engineering Bachelor or Master studies.

There are NO tuition fees for the German Preparatory Year!

Why Learn German at UPB?
  • Obtain a B2 graduation certificate at the end of the Preparatory year;
  • Continue the studies at Bachelor or Master levels in German at UPB;
  • Take part in Mobility programs within European Partner Universities;
  • Benefit from scholarships, internships, and career opportunities through our German partner companies;
  • Develop professional, technical and networking skills by participating in activities and events in German companies and the FILS community;
  • Study in a multicultural campus and improve new skills and competences for the future.

Wir warten auf Sie gern an der UPB!