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An Independent Stay Abroad Outside of the University Exchange Programs

The most challenging part of studying abroad as a free mover is that you can push yourself to adapt and really understand a different culture and environment. You won’t be in the regular program exchange students normally are. So, this is quite exciting, isn’t it?

General information

Free movers are students who do not complete their stay abroad as part of a university exchange program but organize their studies abroad by themselves.

Short-term academic mobility is carried out outside the academic mobility agreements, at the request of the visiting student who has identified a potential host university.

A free mover student is a student enrolled at a foreign university or a foreign citizen who graduated secondary-school/ high school or undergraduate studies and who wishes to participate in one or more of the courses offered by the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, for a period of time equivalent to a semester or an academic year, without the benefit of the rules of the existing bilateral agreements between the university and the foreign higher education institutions, and without receiving a graduation diploma.

Visiting student/ freemover:

  • Does not receive a scholarship from the partner university;
  • Is enrolled and actively pursuing his/her studies as a temporary student;
  • Pays the tuition fee, in accordance with the legislation in force and with the UPB regulations.

The duration of the mobility is maximum 10 months.


90 days before the beginning of the academic year, the student sends the application form (Annex 1) to the UPB Department of International Relations.

Admission process

  • Department of International Relations transmits to the faculty/doctoral school that organizes the courses/internships, the student's application form, in order to issue the admission decision letter. If the student is accepted to study, a mentor/PhD coordinator is appointed;
  • Based on the response received from the faculty/doctoral school, UPB issues the acceptance letter. DRI sends the acceptance letter by e-mail to both the Department of International Relations of the university where the student comes from and to the student;
  • Based on the Letter of Acceptance, the student's home university issues the Learning Agreement, according to the model in Annex II;
  • The student is enrolled in the faculty/doctoral school for which he has opted, based on an official document issued by DRI and approved by the Vice Rctor for International Relations, or the Director of the Council for Doctoral Studies;
  • After the beginning of the courses, within 15 days, students have the possibility to change the Learning Agreement by choosing other subjects they want to study (by completing a new Learning Agreement);
  • Upon completion of the mobility period, the Transcript of Records will be released by the faculty/doctoral school within 30 days from the final exam session.

Admission documents

To complete the registration, the student sends the following documents to DRI:

All documents must be translated into ONE of the following languages: Romanian, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

The application documents must be sent to UPB by:

  • E-mail at international@upb.ro - all required documents must be scanned properly (photos of the documents are not accepted) and included in only one pdf file, named with the candidate’s full name;
  • Regular post, to the address: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Department of International Relations, 313 Splaiul Independentei, RO-060042, Bucharest, Romania.


Students can be offered accommodation in the UPB Campus, paying the same amount as the international students (Accommodation form Annex IV).

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