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June - August 2020
 UPB opens its campus 
in a hybrid teaching format on October 1
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 Learning from our students on how to remain strong
in mind and body under the COVID-19 pandemic
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) and Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) organized online the 2nd edition of the Summer School.
The students enjoyed a 3 days full of challenges and innovative activities.
The webinar sessions covered the original theme of the UPB&AUF Summer School: Sustainable Development. Through the competition we have launched the challenge to our students to come up with innovative and sustainable ideas that would allow the decrease of the amount of waste, as well as their recycling/reuse in order to accelerate the transition to CIRCULAR ECONOMY.
Congratulations to the winners!!
UPB Rector, Mr. Mihnea Costoiu, took part in the online meeting on higher education – the dimension of European Education Area (EEA) – in the presence of the Commissioner on Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel.
The meeting focused on the future of EEA with participation from representatives of prestigious European universities, international HE associations and student networks.  Solutions to tackle the current challenges of higher education were discussed.
On June 18th 2020, Mr. Mihnea Costoiu, UPB Rector, has participated in the online event organized by China - Central and Eastern Europe Countries (CEEC) Higher Education Institutions Consortium and Xi’an Municipal Government where he tackled the issues regarding challenges and opportunities in the future, and he shared his views on universities’ responsibility in global governance.
UPB Excellence Scholarship Program
Starting with 2020, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest has decided to grant scholarships to non-EU students through the “UPB Excellence Scholarship Program”. The permanent collaboration of the UPB with the foreign embassies in Romania required the development of such instruments to facilitate the recruitment process of international students towards specific geographic areas, in direct relationship with the demand for certain specializations and/or countries and regions standing as priorities among the university development objectives.
UPB Collaboration with International Associations
“European Universities” Initiative: EELISA Alliance has Won the European Commission’s Call for Proposals
The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest together with top universities from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Hungary created EELISA in 2019 (European Engineering Learning Innovation & Science Alliance) – recently selected by the European Commission in the call for ERASMUS + projects, in order to establish European Universities.
The  students from EELISA partner universities will be able to participate in courses with priority themes for the future engineers, such as industry 4.0, smart cities or sustainable industry, and will benefit from activities such as virtual and face-to-face mobilities, participation in summer schools and other events organized by the party university. The consortium aims to prepare future exceptional engineering leaders by engaging them in a multicultural environment where they can find solutions to real social problems.
EELISA Alliance
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest became member of the prestigious network European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

The ESDC provides EU–level training and education, in the field of the Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).It aims to develop and promote a common understanding of CSDP among civilian and military personnel, and to identify and disseminate, through its training activities, good practices in relation to various CSDP issues. By doing so, the ESDC complements the national efforts in the field of training and education.

The ESDC is organised as a network bringing together civilian and military institutes, colleges, academies, universities, institutions and other actors dealing with security and defence policy issues within the Union as identified by Member States.
Task Force & Workshop on Learning & Teaching 

UPB is leading the CESAER Task Force Learning and Teaching and on 28th of September, in partnership with Task Force Key Technologies, it will organize the Workshop: Learning and teaching in the next ten years.

This workshop will address what changes, challenges and possibilities key technologies bring for higher education, and offer the glimpse on what developments we can expect in the next ten years. The event is part of the 2020 CESAER Annual Meetings and this year it will take place online.
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest was invited by the Embassy of Romania in Shanghai to participate at the annual higher education fair Study in Europe, which will take place online, on 26.09.2020, in Singapore.

Study in Europe is an annual higher education fair that aims to present to the Singaporean students the opportunities that can be offered by the European universities.

During the event UPB will hold a webinar that will present the opportunities offered by studying in Romania.
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Preparatory Year - Romanian Language at UPB
This study program is aimed at foreign students who do not speak Romanian and wish to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The course lasts an academic year (two semesters). After passing the exams in all studied disciplines, at the end of the preparatory year the students receive a graduation certificate, necessary to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Romania. 
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Romanian Language Study Program
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University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) offers you the opportunity to join a double-degree program. At the end of the study years, you will receive diplomas from both UPB and one of our 11 partner Universities from Europe.

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PoliU is an application made for International Students of UPB in order to make their life easier in our University.

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