University Politehnica of Bucharest launched the enrollment platform dedicated to Romanians from everywhere.

With the help of the platform, the registration time is reduced to just a few minutes.

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University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest grants scholarships to non-EU students through the “UPB Excellence Scholarship Program”.
The UPB scholarships are awarded based on UPB Regulations which contain criteria including academic achievements, personal talents, interests and volunteering activities. The scholarships are part of the university’s commitment to achieve a diverse student body.
Recruitment and selection of the foreign students will be carried out by the respective Embassies in Romania and with the support of the Ministry of Education from the countries of origin.
Between 23-29 august, 2021, UPB togheter with Groupe INSA organized the second edition of the UPB & Groupe INSA Summer School.

The event, hosted by UPB, provided students with the opportunity to better understand the engineer's contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The students participated in workshops, visited the UPB laboratories and interacted with specialists in the field from the two educational institutions.

In addition to educational activities, the program also included cultural activities to familiarize participants with the Romanian culinary traditions and customs, history and national identity. The students visited natural and historical sights in the capital city and in the mountain areas.

The INSA Groupe is the most important network of Public Engineering Schools in France, comprising 7 universities in France, 1 International University and 6 Partner Schools.
Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) organizes the first edition of the Scientific Francophonie Week from 21 to 24 September, 2021, at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in a hybrid format.
UPB will host the 18th General Assembly of the AUF, the first Workshops of Scientific Francophonie, the launch of the AUF Strategy 2021-2025 and the White Book of Scientific Francophonie, and the 60th anniversary celebration of the AUF 1961-2021.
The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie is calling for communications within the framework of the First Workshops of the Scientific Francophonie which will bring together academic, scientific, economic and institutional partners and French-speaking member universities of the AUF network.
Each workshop will address the prism of cross axes such as multilingualism, SDGs, gender equality and the effects of the pandemic on education.
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We invite you to join the ATHENS Programme in November 2021 - online, on-site or in a hybrid mode, depending on your course option!

🟢 ATHENS Programme - Network of 15 European Universities
🟢 Courses 13-20 November 2021 | Application: until 10 October
🟢 1 week intensive course: 30 hours of scientific course and exam
🟢 2 or 3 credits (ECTS) are granted, depending on the host university

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Preparatory Year - Romanian Language at UPB
This study program is aimed at foreign students who do not speak Romanian language and wish to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate studies conducted in Romanian.

The course lasts an academic year (two semesters). After passing the exams in all studied disciplines, at the end of the preparatory year, students receive a graduation certificate, necessary for applying to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Romania.

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UPB Mobilities
Advantages of a Double Degree program
Gaining 2 degrees in a shorter time
Dual perspective from different but complementary approaches
Broadened career possibilities
Improving foreign language skills
Valuable life skills and adaptability as a global citizen
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PoliU is an app made for the International Students of UPB that makes it easier to get around the campus.

Available on Google Play for Android
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