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British Council English Language Certificate

Starting with this academic year, the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in partnership with British Council launches the official testing of English language for students:

  • aptis
    The Aptis test (computer based) targets only the 2nd year Master students and offers an internationally recognized certificate of English language skills.
  • english
    The English Score test (mobile based) targets only the 4th year Bachelor students and tests the level of knowledge of English language.

British Council Certificates are provided by UPB free of charge!


What is the Aptis Certificate?

Obtained after an official exam, the certificate attests the skills of English language according to the European Reference Framework (CEFR) and the level reached by the candidate in each of them (from A1 to C1).

The Aptis certificate is a reference indicator of English language knowledge and serves for employment abroad or in Romania, for enrolling to studies or for obtaining an Erasmus Scholarship. The Aptis test is recognized by 80 international companies.

What is the English Score Certificate?

It is a certificate of English to attest your level in some of the skills of English language according to the European Reference Framework (CEFR - from A1 to C2).

After the test, you have the opportunity to enroll in the free of charge English language courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages starting with the academic year 2023-2024, in order to obtain the Aptis certificate in the future.

What do the tests consist of?

The Aptis computer based test consists of 5 assessements: Core (grammar and vocabulary) 25 minutes, reading 35 minutes, listening 40 minutes, writing 50 minutes and speaking 12 minutes.


The English Score mobile based test consists of 3 assessements: Core (grammar and vocabulary) 40 minutes, reading 20 minutes and listening 30 minutes.

The test can be given 3 times and the version with the best score will be chosen for certification.

Where do the tests take place?

The Aptis test will take place physically at UPB in June. All 2nd year Master students will be informed by e-mail about the exact hour and location.

The English Score test is taken on the mobile phone/laptop with the help of an app that can be downloaded from the Play Store/App Store. All 4th year Bachelor students will receive a login code by email on the 1 st of May and will use this code and their UPB student e-mail address to login into the app.

When is the testing?

The Aptis test will take place on 12 and 14 June 2023.

The English Score test can be taken anytime between May – June.

When is the certificate issued?

The Aptis certificate is physically issued in approximately 30 days.

The English Score certificate is issued in digital format and sent to the student's email address.


Is done by filling in the form.

Deadline for application is 16 th of April 2023.


Aptis test only the 2nd year Master students.

English Score test only the 4th year Bachelor students.

Announcement of the application results

Students will receive an email with details regarding the time, place and login code. Please check your UPB email addresses.

For information about the tests, please check the guides below: