Visiting professors at UPB

Based on its academic needs, the UPB Senate may extend an invitation to foreign faculty members or renowned specialists to join UPB for different didactic or research activities.


The visiting professors are proposed by the faculty and approved by the university Senate.


Required documents:
1. Identity card (passport and residence permit);
2. Birth certificate (should the name have changed);
3. High-school diploma;
4. Bachelor’s degree diploma;
5. Ph.D. degree diploma;
6. Job seniority (in the seniority record the applicant must list each position held in the
past and time periods);
7. Bank account number and a card of the bank account;
8. Copy of the registration certificate obtained from the Romanian Immigration Office (EU countries) / temporary residence permit (non-EU countries).


Note: All the documents must be translated into Romanian, except for the residence permit.

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