UPB&AUF Summer School Webinar Session

The webinar sessions will cover the original theme of the UPB&AUF Summer School: Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development, as formulated by UNESCO, means we need:

  • a transformation of how we think, feel and act about our Earth’s life support systems.
  • sustainability change-makers with key competencies that allow them to engage with today’s world and to collaborate, speak up and act for positive change.


  • developing your sustainable development competencies and empowers you to reflect on your actions and impacts (social, cultural, economic and environmental).
  • equipping you with the knowledge and competencies you need to engage as informed individuals in bringing about the necessary transformation in your personal lives and in your future career.
  • inspires you to become more effective at understanding the insights of sustainable development.
  • encouraging you to develop a plan so as to make a meaningful contribution to a more future-proof organization.

You should attend because…


  • a student from a university member of the AUF organization.
  • someone who is interested in transformation towards a more inclusive and sustainable society

UPB & AUF Summer School offers you a chance to take action on sustainability and deepen your understanding of the worldwide/international Sustainable Development.


2019 UPB&AUF Summer School Memories 

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