The Romanian Language Learning Program

This study program is aimed at foreign students who do not speak Romanian and wish to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Romania.

The course lasts an academic year (two semesters).
The curricula for the preparatory year implies studying the following mandatory subjects over two semesters:

First semester:
- Romanian language, levels A1-A2 ;
- Romanian culture and civilization.

Second semester:
- Romanian language, level B1 (introduction to specialized language)
After passing the exams in all studied disciplines, at the end of the preparatory year you will receive a graduation certificate, necessary to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Romania.

The Romanian language course intends to get foreign students acquainted with various elements of specialized language, depending on the profile chosen in Romanian (technical, economics, philological, judicial, medical terms), and getting them used to the correct use of certain structures specific to specialized language, increasing linguistic competence and performance by imposing the learning of specialized terms.
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