If you are a citizen of a state outside the European Union and you intend to apply at UPB, it is required that you add the following documents to your admission file:
birth certificate – legalized and translated copy;
copy of the document which attests residence in Romania;
a copy of the passport;
a completed form for the release of the acceptance of the study letter;
a legalized and translated copy of the Baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent, authenticated by the proper authorities of the country of issue;
a legalized and translated copy of the Bachelor’s degree diploma or its equivalent, authenticated by the proper authorities from the country of issue (for signing up for a Master’s program);
legalized and translated transcript of grades of the completed studies;
the graduation certificate received after the year of Romanian language, or a linguistic competence certificate;
medical certificate (in a foreign language) certifying that the person in case does not suffer from any contagious diseases or other afflictions incompatible with their future profession;
all documents shall be accompanied by a version translated in Romanian or another foreign language (English or French);
1. The documents can be sent via post office, by courier or brought in personally or through a delegate.

2. UPB reprezentatives will analyse whether the file is complete and afterwards they will forward to the Ministry of National Education.

3. After the analysis, the Ministry of National Education shall release a letter of acceptance. This letter will then be sent to UPB. At this point, the foreign student office will send you the respective letter via post office or by courrier. You will also be informed by e-mail or by phone about your candidacy status.

4. After receiving the acceptance letter, the next step is to pay the tutition fee.

5. The proof of payment and the letter of acceptance will be used in the obtaining the study visa process.

6. After the Romanian Embassy releases your visa, you will be able to register for your chosen study program, after handing in the original documents to UPB foreign student office.
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