Being a student at UPB means enjoying various opportunities. Adding them means adding enthusiasm, willingness, and personal development goals, you can turn them all into memorable experiences.

Being a member of a student organization can provide you with the context you need to develop your potential and prepare yourself for a future career.

The whole concept of student NGO is about volunteering. But your work is not without payment. You will receive the feeling of the well-done work, of the usefulness of your ideas and effort, and many positive emotions.

If you decide to be part of such an organization, we will help you with a list of the most important NGOs present at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

Why to be a volunteer?


Volunteering brings people together, creates friendships and opportunities to learn for you together with others.


Have you ever thought that life skills can be more valuable than professional skills?
Become a member of a student organization and practice critical thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurial skills and communication skills.


What is the recipe for memorable experiences?
We recommend that you put together a student organization, interesting projects, dear friends and ambitious goals.

ASFE – Asociatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Energetica
ASISB– Asociatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Ingineria Sistemelor Biotehnice
ASTR -Asociatia Studentilor Tatari din Romania
LSCI – Liga Studentilor din Facultatea de Chimie
OST – Organizatia Studentilor din Facultatea de Transporturi
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