All students that are enrolled at UPB benefit from medical assistance. International students that are EU or EEA citizens should have a European health insurance card.

In accordance with art. 11, line (3), letter e, of the European Regulation no. 883/2004, concerning the coordination of social security systems, students that are enrolled in any form of educational institution in an EU member state, on EEA territory, or in the Swiss Confederation, will be ensured in their resident state, no longer being registered as ensured students on their home country territory.

Upon enrollment, students will produce proof of their status as ensured students (either the European card issued by their country of origin, or the document which ensures their right of residence in Romania, along with their allotted CNP number). UPB will forward to “Casa de Asigurări a Municipiului București” (CASMB) a list of the students that wish to be ensured within the social security system in Romania.

Foreign students that are not EU or EEA citizens will have to submit a set of documents to CASMB in order to obtain the right of medical assistance in Romania. Please consult the list of required documents here: . Students of countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that hold documentation which gives them the right of residence on Romanian territory (with an allotted personal numeric code – CNP) have the same rights and obligations as Romanian students, within the same age and income criteria.

If non-EU students do not own such a document, they are not included in the social security and healthcare system and can only benefit from medical services based on bilateral agreements between Romania and their country of origin. The list of international, cultural and educational agreements that touch upon medical assistance can be consulted here .
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