CESAER Annual Meetings

The Conference of European Schools of Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) represents an opportunity to promote scientific development and innovation in the field of engineering education and research, while close cooperation with the industry sees the application of state of the art technologies in society. CESAER was established in 1990, currently having 50+ member institutions from 26 countries, of which University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) is the only Romanian member.
This year, CESAER Annual Meetings (CAM2018) will take place in Bucharest from 17th to 19th of October, hosted by UPB.

CAM 2018 will offer an attractive range of programmes and events, including:

• seven workshops from our task forces and workgroups on the 17th of October;

• a dedicated workshop on tools for infrastructure management and operation at universities of S&T organised by our Task Force Research & Innovation Infrastructures;

• a conference on “Engines of Excellence, Talent and Innovation” on the 18th of October;

• social programmes open to all participants and their spouses, including a visit to an excellent RII at UPB, developed from European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF);

• the 31st General Assembly on the 19th of October.

A detailed program can be found here.
The registration form can be accessed at the following address: http://www.cesaer.org/en/cesaer-event-17-19-october-2018/
The participants will need the following password to reach the registration form: annual102018 .
Details regarding the available accommodation are provided here, while information on the location and logistics of the meeting, and also contact information, are all available here.
In 2018, UPB celebrates two centuries of existence, being the oldest and most prestigious technical university in Romania. Moreover, 2018 is a milestone year in Romanian history, as it marks a century since the formation of the modern Romanian state.
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