To fund studies in Romania through the educational scholarship program, we recommend that you contact the competent authorities of the country / university you come from.

Information on scholarships granted by the Government of Romania is posted on the website of the Ministry of National Education (

The official currency in Romania is "Leu" (plural form "Lei"), and the official denomination is the "Romanian Leu". All payments are made in national currency, even if some prices are expressed in euro. The official exchange rate is constantly changing and is set by the National Bank of Romania. Banking (ATMs and / or currency exchange offices) can be used to change the currency.

  • Bachelor Degree and Master's Degree studies : 2430 - 2700 €/ year
  • Doctoral studies : 2610 - 2700€/ year
ERASMUS or CEEPUS students do not pay tuition fees.

Below there are some examples of average costs that can give you an overview of the cost of living in Romania.

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