Volunteering, fundraising and assisting local communities

COVID-19 Research and Innovation – beating the pandemic
20 mai 2020
International Students’ Day
26 mai 2020

The UPB community has been extremely united during this situation and this proves that teams often become more solid when they are experiencing a crisis.

With the help of 3D printers, professors and students have developed masks with HEPA14 filter and face protection visors. Volunteers are currently assembling them and we look forward to sending them soon towards hospitals and other vital services.

UPB staff and students are volunteering to support a range of groups including frontline health staff, social community and fast-to-clinic medical services. All our community is being encouraged to seek volunteering opportunities through the UPB-run portal https://www.aspoli.ro/superingineri/#

In partnership with Bucharest City Hall, we have opened 4 dental offices for the students and local community.

Medical staff fighting coronavirus, together with the staff from institutions involved in emergency management, can now benefit from free rides through the Free Now (Clever) taxi and ridesharing app. The project, “Heroes in the Street”, is an initiative of Free Now (Clever) app, in partnership with the Students’ Association from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. Free trips to and from work are provided to vital workers with the support of volunteer drivers. At this time, about 200 partner drivers in Bucharest have joined the initiative.


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