COVID-19 Research and Innovation – beating the pandemic

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19 mai 2020
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21 mai 2020

UPB has always been about using tech-based solutions in order to solve the challenges faced by society. This time it’s personal: we’re on a full-fledged campaign to prepare for, detect and respond to the emerging pandemic and health security threat.

In the past few months, the UPB chemistry laboratories researchers have developed disinfection solutions for both surfaces and hands. The solutions are based on successful research projects and are currently being tested. Their advantage is that they can be quickly mass-produced.

The researchers are focusing on a range of technology solutions in the areas of rapid testing, minimising transmission and contact tracing. Updates will be posted as soon as results are in.

We are also under way to develop a lung ventilator (in collaboration with the University College London), as well as a robot nurse that will be used in interaction with potential contagious patients to replace healthcare professionals.

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