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An update to our international students, in light of the pandemic
15 mai 2020
COVID-19 Research and Innovation – beating the pandemic
20 mai 2020

Despite some of our campus location, services or activities being closed or limited, we continue to offer vital support for the entire university community, administrative and academic alike.

While some of the services of the university might be moved or temporarily unavailable, all members of our community should know that a permanent communication has been established with the UPB Management. Should you need to contact the university management, please use the contact details mentioned at the top of the page and we’ll redirect you to the relevant department.

A series of procedures for prevention measures against the new virus, decisions regarding the Education process and guides issued for the Moodle platform and for the examinations were transmitted to the professors, while responding to all their requests. If these did not reach you, please follow this link or contact us if you have any questions.

The Moodle Platform we are using has been used by teachers and students long before the crisis, so this is not a first-time scenario. In this sense, our staff is very well informed and able to help you if there are unclear aspects to the platform user experience.

The UPB administrative staff has offered 24/7 support to the on-campus community (students, academic and administrative staff lodged in the campus) during coronavirus pandemic. Contact this number should you need anything.

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