An update to our international students, in light of the pandemic

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8 aprilie 2020
UPB in support of the entire community
19 mai 2020

With just weeks to the end of the academic year, the UPB community comes together to ensure all our international students that their experience can continue – even, it turns out, during a pandemic.

Every spring, our university campus provides a living snapshot of student life at UPB, along with a multitude of possibilities for students who decide to remain in the university residences. This years’ experience will be no different except, in light of COVID-19, it will be built around the idea of safety and support. Below you’ll find a snapshot of the information relevant to those who are planning to stay with us in the next few months.

Virtual community and safety

As you might already know, a series of procedures for prevention measures against the new virus, decisions regarding the education process and guides issued for the Moodle platform and for the examinations were transmitted to the students. It somehow this information didn’t reach you, you should know you can always find it here, on the International Relations department website. We always try to respond to all the international students’ requests, so we have established a permanent communication with all incoming and outgoing students. You can reach us either through the contacts mentioned in the very first line of our website or join the forum we have created especially for this period. The forum is, of course, open to all topics, so if you get bored don’t hesitate to drop a line.


As response to the students’ well-being during this difficult period, UPB has organised webinars and one-to-one virtual meetings upon request with psychologists and counsellors from the UPB Counselling Center. Student health services and counselling services are provided and continue to operate on a full-time basis, via video and phone consultations and additional resources have been put in place to support students through this difficult and stressful time. Here is the Facebook page of our colleagues from the counselling department, in case you might need support or counselling, both for your psychological health and for your career.

Residence and online access

As mentioned, the university’s student residences remained open for international students so you can stay with us during the summer vacation. In hope of further supporting you, the university has decided to grant scholarships to the international students lodged within the UPB dorms during the summer vacation.

In the case you have poor connectivity or technical issues that hinder you from accessing our online education resources, please let us know so we can make arrangements to help you.

UPB will organize online admissions according to its own methodologies and specific admission conditions and according to the decision of the Ministry of Education.

Taking on the Covid-19 challenge

UPB students and alumni have organised a series of webinars in which they tackled actual issues regarding the Coronavirus context. If you would like to join our efforts, please let us know and follow our website, as we will post updates in this regard.

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