International Relations Office
8 aprilie 2020
An update to our international students, in light of the pandemic
15 mai 2020

Travel and study abroad

All university-related non-essential international and domestic travel is suspended until further notice. This includes travel connected to university activities or programs for all faculty, staff and students, whether that travel is funded by the university, an external grant, or any other sources.
We strongly advise against personal travel. If you do decide to travel, it is prudent to plan for delays and complications as you could have difficulty returning to campus based on how this situation develops over the next few weeks.
UPB is asking all community members returning to Romania from Europe, China, Iran, United States and South Korea, to stay home for 14 days after returning from travel, monitor their health and practice social distancing. Any individual who may have been in contact with someone who has been infected by COVID-19 or who exhibits symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection should also stay home and self-monitor. This guidance may change quickly, so please stay informed.

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