International Summer School on Imaging for Medical Applications

Double Investement in Research, Innovation and Education
4 iulie 2018
Regional South East European Conference 2018
5 iulie 2018

SSIMA 2018 will be focused on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and will take place between the 2nd and the 6th of July 2018 in Sibiu.
Besides key lectures, this year, SSIMA will host 2 separate series of practical experiences for our participants, in the form of hands-on workshops:
– Philips Innovation Day will offer a series of applications of AI in healthcare developed by Philips.
– Workshop on TensorFlow (developed by Google) with applications on medical images, organized by Computer Vision and Robotics Group, led by Marius Leordeanu.
This year we will organize a competition for poster presentations and we will offer 10 free registrations.
The deadline for submitting a one-page abstract at is 31st of March.

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