POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, a partner in the BIOLEV project

The research project titled „ ”INSTALLATION FOR THE OBTAINMENT OF LIGHT BIOCOMPATIBLE HIGH-PURITY ALLOYS THROUGH LEVITATION IN AN INERT ATMOSPHERE – BIOLEV” is proposed by an interdisciplinary team, formed by the coordinator of S.C. AAGES SRL Sângeorgiu de Mureș, P1 – POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest and P2 – University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tg. Mureș, which has the aim of developing a flexible equipment for melting and thermal treatment in an induction field of the light biocompatible alloys, in high-purity conditions.
The idea of the project has emerged, within this partnership, out of the need to develop mild, biocompatible and bioresorbable lightly reagent alloys for implants into the Mg-Ca system. Obtaining special high-purity alloys implies eliminating any possibility of impurification in the melting and solidification process. Impurification can occur either from the working environment (dissolved or reactive gases) or from the interaction with the crucible or the metallic load. If high purity metallic materials are used, harmful effects may arise from the interaction with the crucible walls during melting, even if the inert protection atmosphere is used. To avoid this undesirable effect, facilities are used which allow for melting in levitation, that is to say by electromagnetic suspension with induced currents of the metallic melt. 

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