The French Embassy in Romania

Global Education Dialogue – Universities and Cities
30 martie 2017
O echipa de studenți din Facultatea de Inginerie Aerospațială a obținut Premiul ,,The Airbus Safran Launchers”
12 iunie 2017

On May 29, 2017 the French Embassy in Romania hosted the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Framework Agreement and the Double Degree Agreement between ARUT (Alliance of Technical Universities in Romania) and INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon) Group.
The main objectives of the agreements between ARUT and INSA focus on the students exchange from BS and MA programmes, double degree programs, the academic and administrative exchange, common research projects, information exchange regarding teaching methods, organizing workshops and seminars, courses and conferences and other type of academic and scientific programs.
The students enrolled in the double degree programme will obtain two diplomas, a Master’s degree Diploma in one of ARUT universities and a Bachelor of Engineering Diploma (MA equivalent) in one of INSA universities.

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